Why Should I Care About Elder Abuse?

  • ArtColored pencil and acrylic painted on acetate layered over the paper
    14 by 20 inches
  • By Lauren Prochelo, age 17
  • Area Agency on Aging Competition: Honorable Mention both locally and statewide

A statement from Lauren Prochelo, Barbara Bagan's granddaughter:

The assignment was to make a poster that will make people aware of the neglected problem of elder abuse.  The piece had to include the quote, "Why should I care about elder abuse?" 

The concept behind the drawing is how our grandparents and parents are the reason why we are here and, so we should appreciate them and respect our elders.  After all, they are the ones who raised us.  The picture is of my great grandma holding my cousin, McKenna, when she was a baby.