Art Keeps Us GoingArt Keeps Us Going!

When I asked a group of seniors at a workshop I was leading, why they thought we need art, a petite rather frail woman sitting on the side of the room loudly, succinctly answered, “It keeps us going.” Her unexpected response caught me off guard. She was absolutely right! She graciously granted me permission to use her declaration in my work.

After reflecting on her statement, I began to realize how art truly does keep us going, contributing in so many ways and in such a wide range of situations that we encounter.

Art keeps us going --
when things go bad, when things go well,
when we’re sad or glad, lost or found.
when we feel we can’t face another day and
when we eagerly anticipate tomorrow.
when we feel so blessed, or so discounted.
when we want to communicate and can’t find the words,
when we want to be alone or long for intimacy.
when we are exhausted, or energetic.
when friends leave us, when new friends come into our life.
when we are stressed, and when we relax,
when we are sick of thinking, just want to feel,
when we are tired of feeling, just want to think.
when we are confused about our feelings and
when feelings flow effortlessly.
when we need to be quiet, or want to scream,
when we have no words, only colors.
when our inside cries, while the outside laughs,
when nothing makes us happy, then everything brings joy.
when love leaves us, when love comforts us.
when no light shines in the dark, then suddenly,
when light breaks brightly to warm and lead us.
when we want to quit,
Art keeps us going.