Consulting Services, Training and Workshops

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Yellow Yellow Catch a FellowProgram Design and Development

  • Design New Programs

  • Evaluate and Restructure Existing Programs

  • Staff Development and Training



Storm in the SkyWorkshops

Workshops for Caregivers:

  • Doing Art Together

  • Preventing Caregiver Burnout:

Ongoing Programs with Art and Aging:

  • Art with Alzheimer's
  • Painting with Parkinson's
  • The A.B.C.s of Working with Older Adults:
    Art Making + Being Active = Creative Aging

Photos from Workshops and Programs

Ottawa University

A group of expressive art therapy students during a workshop at Ottawa University.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

From the Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy (NIGAT) Summer 2010 Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where Dr. Bagan presented on Art and Aging.